Skip The Box Office With Seatgeek

Seatgeek is one of many new online ticket brokers that has changed the way that we buy event tickets. Check them out here

Major league baseball is one of my passions in life. I love traveling to baseball stadiums around the country and watching games. One day I will have visited all of the 30 Major League parks. Thus far I have been to nine of them, with plans to get to a few more this upcoming season. Along with booking travel and accommodations when I am on a baseball trip, I also need to find tickets to the game.

There are many way to get tickets to games these days. You can try to buy them online direct from the team, head to the box office at the park, or pick them up from a scalper or ticket broker near the stadium. I have used all of these methods for buying tickets in the past, but they are not the most reliable way to get tickets to a game. Sometimes tickets will not be available online from the team, and the box office is useless for a sold out event. There are almost always scalpers pedaling tickets outside of events, but buying tickets from these guys usually comes at a premium, and you run the risk of getting a fake ticket. I find that all of these methods are unnecessary  since the advent of two online ticket brokerage companies, Stubhub and Seatgeek.

Both platforms are similar, and offer tickets to events of all kinds around the country. You can get a ticket for almost any event you’re heading to, sold out or not. The tickets you receive from Stubhub or Seatgeek are guaranteed to be real tickets, no risk of being ripped off, and you can do all of the purchasing online without handling cash. I prefer to use Seatgeek over Stubhub. My experience with Seatgeek has been better overall, and the prices tend to be a little lower on Seatgeek than Stubhub. Seatgeek also has a wonderful APP with a feature called dealscore that lets you know whether you are getting a great deal or not.

Seatgeek is like the Amazon of ticket brokers. You can find tickets for whatever you are looking for at a range of prices. Looking for cheap seats? They have them. Want the front row? They’re available on Seatgeek. Tickets are sourced from many different locations. The buyer has the option to buy tickets from many different ticket brokers through the site, and many individuals will also be selling their unwanted tickets. Having a large marketplace for tickets is great for the buyer. There are usually some good deals on there. Each seller can see how their asking price compares to the other seats for sale in similar sections.

Searching for tickets to events is very easy either on the site or on the Seatgeek app. Simply use the search bar to type in the name of the event that you want to see. Some events will occur over several days, and the site will ask you to pick a specific date for tickets that you want to buy. This will also occur for sports teams when you type in their name in the search. The app will give a list of all of the available games for that team in the current season.

Once the search has been narrowed down to a specific date, its time to start looking at what section to buy sit in. There are usually options to buy anywhere in the venue. Just depends on how much you’re looking to spend. there are options to search by section, price and dealscore. When searching for tickets there is an option to look at the prices with all fees included. I prefer to use this option so I don’t get stunned by extra added fees at checkout. If you can find a low price ticket with a really high dealscore number then that is a great buy. Try to avoid buying the tickets with very low dealscore numbers. You should be able to get a better deal. There is a nice diagram of each venue displayed on the app, when you click on each ticket offering the diagram will display a picture of the vantage point that you will have. Try to avoid the seats with obstructed views, (Wrigley Field has a bunch of them) using the pictures helps a lot.

Once you have located tickets that look good then it is time to purchase them. When you sign up for Seatgeek they give you an option to store your credit card info for easy and fast ticket purchasing. The checkout process is quick and easy. Once you have made your purchase you just need to wait for your tickets. Most of the tickets that are purchased through Seatgeek are delivered almost immediately to your email. Once you get the email you can print the tickets out. Most venues these days will accept the electronic version of the ticket if you can pull it up on your phone. I like to have a paper copy on me in case anything happens to my phone. if you are buying them last-minute outside of the venue then you will just need to use the phone version. I have never had any trouble with it. The tickets will be stored right on the APP if you have it downloaded onto your device.

Some sellers will offer actual hard copy tickets. If you are buying these make sure that they will be delivered in time for the event. If the tickets are hard copies then it will be clearly stated in the description. The seller usually informs you of the shipping method. I have gotten hard copy tickets several times and they have all arrived in plenty of time for the event. It is nice to have them as memorabilia sometimes!

Like I said, the tickets are always guaranteed to be legitimate if you buy them from Seatgeek, and they are often much cheaper than you will find them around the venue. I always like to cross check prices with the box office before i finalize my Seatgeek purchase. Sometimes the box office price is better, but not often.

In the three or so years that I have been using Seatgeek I have made dozens of ticket purchases, all of them have come at a great value, and I have never had a problem with the tickets. Most of my recent and upcoming basball stadium visits will be with tickets purchased from Stubhub. I do also use the APP for other sporting events and concerts.

glass-seatsI was recently lucky enough to find GLASS SEATS for a Vancouver Canucks game at Rogers Centre. Those tickets had a face value of near $300, I was able to pick them up for about $60 each, all fees included. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the tickets at the price. They were obviously a must purchase! If you ever get a chance to sit on the glass for an NHL game I strongly recommend it! Very Exciting!

I know that the deal I found on those glass seats was only one of the many great values that are available daily on Seatgeek. Plan ahead, or buy them last-minute, it’s always a great site to check out when you’re heading to an event.


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