Why I Love the Airline Industry

Ever since I was little I have always had a fascination with Airplanes and Air travel. It has always been a treat to head to the airport. Didn’t matter if I was heading on a trip, or picking someone up. I always liked seeing the planes. I always wanted to know what type of aircraft I was looking at, what company was operating it, what the seating configuration was, is there an inflight movie, and what kind of food was being served on board? I’m a total airline nerd. I could never get enough information about the industry. As I got older none of that really changed. My interest in air travel has not peaked, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I learn new things about airlines, airplanes, and destinations every day, and I love it!

It is only fitting that I went into the airline workforce. I could spend time around airplanes all day. I had several jobs in the industry, and saw the intricate workings of an airline operation from many different angles. Working in customer service, face to face with customers, was by far the most interesting job I have had in the industry. I have so many stories and experiences to share. Airlines are truly remarkable businesses; there are so many different things that have to come together to make just one flight get off the ground. It’s a science and an art, and most airlines get the job done effectively almost every time.

While there are a lot of moving parts to the industry, the basics have stayed the same since day one. An aircraft gets loaded with passengers, cargo, and baggage, the aircraft sets off for it’s destination, passengers, cargo, and baggage are unloaded when it lands, and the process repeats itself. Thousands of aircraft doing the same thing every day all over the globe are making the world a smaller place for all of us. You’re never that far away from where you want to be. As an airline employee I liked working one plane at a time. Sending passengers and their bags to exotic destinations, on business trips, to family gatherings, and off to college or back home.

The day would end when my last flight had left and that was it. No lingering paperwork or emails to answer hanging over till the next day. If we got the passengers and their bags on their way it was a good day. It is satisfying to head home knowing that at the end of the day there are no loose ends. Everything that needed to be done was completed, and tomorrow would be a fresh start. Different planes, different destinations, and new passengers, but still the same task.

While the job is simple in principle, there are several factors that could cause problems in the airline industry. Weather, maintenance, Air traffic control, oversales and flight crew issues could always present challenges in the operation. Working for an airline means you will always be in a fluid environment. Things change fast. It was always important to prepare for things that could cause delays or missed connections for passengers. Certain unavoidable circumstances would cause people to miss flights or create cancellations. In these situations fellow employees and myself did our best to get the passengers to their destination as soon as possible. Working with people can be difficult, especially when they are frustrated, but it always felt good when a resolution to their problem was found.

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As an airline employee I worked long hours, evenings, weekends, and holidays. The operation never quits. It is an irregular schedule that can sometimes be strenuous. Dealing with all kinds of weather conditions, angry passengers, heavy cargo, and the smell of jet fuel all day can take a toll on some people, but it all comes with the territory. Thee are many reasons that people get into the airline business. I thought it would just be a part time gig while I was in college, but I fell in love with the job(s), there were so many things to learn and do.

Logistics, problem solving, communication, teamwork, and sometimes brute strength. All part of the job.

The hours and conditions never really bothered me; I thrive in that environment. For me the rewards far outweighed any of the negative aspects of the job. One customer at a time, one bag at a time, one flight at a time. I am in the business of getting people and their things to where they need to be.

Working for the airlines is not a monotonous job. It seems like every day I would experience a new challenge. There are so many people to work with and meet. Teamwork is a big part of the job, as all of the pieces need to come together at the same time to make a flight work. The benefits in general are good, and they let me fly for free! It’s not a mystery why so many airlines retain such a senior workforce. The job is pretty good. I was hooked from day one.

I have enjoyed working in the airline industry for my twelve plus years. The more years I put in the more I learned about the airline business, and about general travel. Airlines are constantly changing and consolidating. Over my years I have seen mergers, CEO changes, technology advancements, and many policy adjustments. Things are still changing, hopefully travel will continue to become more efficient and customer friendly. It will be exciting to see the evolution of the industry over the next decade and beyond. It is amazing how many new ways we can come up with to complete the same task. The optics have changed, but it’s all the same to me.

Through this blog I am hoping to connect people with my knowledge of the airline industry and all travel in general. I’ll share my airline stories, tips and tricks, opinions, the destinations I’ve visited, and much more information about the travel industry through my posts. Have airline problems? I’m your guy. If you have been inconvenienced by an airline during travel then there are steps to take to rectify the situation. You just need to know what to ask. Travel should not be a daunting task. I’ll help you make it as easy as possible for yourself.

I’m looking forward to the future of travel, and hopefully I can help make it easier and the most fun for you. Hope to talk with you soon!


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