Airline Customer Service: The Best Parts of the Job

Working in customer service for an airline can be a tough job, but there are several aspects of the job that make being there worth it. If you are thinking about applying to work for an airline in Customer Service for an airline, here are some of the things you can look forward to.

  1. Challenging Fast Paced Environment

If you are working in Customer Service for an airline, expect to be moving around and dealing with lots of different situations. Every customer will require different styles of handling. Expect to deal with something that you haven’t experienced on a daily basis. Through 12 years I was still seeing new things every day. Since timing is critical in the airline industry, you will have to evaluate a lot of information make quick decisions and get customers to where they need to be. Answers are not always easy to find so you may need to be creative. The days will fly by. It’s fun knowing that your day is going to be interesting and quick.

  1. Stay On Your Feet

If a desk job is not for you then you may like working for an airline. You’ll be moving around from gate to gate, up and down the jet ways, around the terminals, and in the lobby. Staying in the same place for a long time is rare; you’ll definitely get your steps in. Make sure to have a comfy pair of shoes.

  1. Working With People Can Be Fun and Interesting

You’ll encounter all different types of people from all over the world. Many types of people are traveling for lots of different reasons, and you will get to meet them all, hear some great and interesting stories, and assist them with a variety of needs. Every time you help a customer, you will be interacting with them directly. I’ve learned a lot from my customers over the years, and each experience helped me to better assist in the next interaction. It’s better than staring at a computer screen all day without being in contact with anyone.

  1. Room to Advance

If you decide that the airline industry is for you, then there are many different jobs that can be done within the company. If you’re interested in changing positions, moving up the corporate ladder, or switching job type all together, there is likely a position for you. Airlines like to hire people from within when possible. If you’re already working for the company then your foot is already in the door.

  1. Learn The System

Ever wondered what goes into making each flight operate? If you work in customer service you will learn the entire system. Get to know the ins and outs of the industry. Best of all you’ll see the mistakes that many travelers make and learn to avoid them when you are flying.

  1. Flexibility

Lots of different shift times and days allow co-workers to trade shifts and basically create any type of schedule desired. If you want to work extra hours, custom days, or add a couple of days off it is usually easy to do that. Everyone works together when planning their schedules, and most people are able to get the hours and days off that they want.

  1. Benefits

Medical, Dental, vision and several other benefits will probably be available through your airline at a pretty good price. You may have to wait through a probationary period before realizing all of the available benefits, but it will probably be worth it. Even part time employees get to enjoy the same benefits as full timers, so you may be able to work limited hours and still have great benefits.

  1. Make Someone’s day

Remember that your primary job is to assist customers. You won’t always be able to get your customers everything they want, but you will be able to come up with adequate solutions for their problems most of the time. Sometimes customers will be distressed for a number of reasons. It’s a great feeling when you can ease their anxiety and show them that you care. I’ve seen hundreds of sad faces turned into smiles when working in Customer Service. You can really make a difference in their travel experience!

  1. Fly For Free

This is the reason I signed up to work for the airlines. Yes, free and discounted flights are available for airline employees. There is one catch; you have to fly on standby. That means that there are no confirmed seats available, but you will have access to flight loads to determine if there will be open seats on the flights that you want to travel on. Travelling on standby is a fun way to see the world. Just pick a flight, try to get on and go. If you don’t get on your first pick you can always get on the next one, or maybe change destinations. It won’t cost you anything to stand by, so have some fun with it and see where it takes you!

  1. The People

Your co-workers at the airline will be one of the most diverse and fun groups of people that you have ever seen. Everyone works together to accomplish the same things, and most airline workers love to travel and have a great time. There are lots of clubs and social gatherings to join, and fun company events to attend. Spending time with co-workers both at work and away from the airport is some of the best experiences you will have with the airline.

If you can look at both lists, the challenges and the rewards of working with an airline and you think that the pros outweigh the cons, then working in Customer Service may be a great job for you to try out. In especially challenging times I would consider all of the great things that the airline industry offered me, and always easily determined that the pros far outweighed the cons. That’s why I stuck with it for an extended period of time.

If you are an airline employee, let me know your favorite parts of the job and the benefits that come with it. I’d love to hear your comments!





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