Pick a Cruise: Which type of cruise vacation is for you?

Cruises continue to grow in popularity amongst travelers. Many cruise packages are affordable, and offer fun destinations and activities suitable for travelers of all ages. The best part may be that cruises are package deals that will include everything you need once you board the ship. Several cruise lines continue to offer bigger and better ships with amenities and entertainment options that parallel or exceed the offerings of many land-based resorts. Your typical cruise package includes room for the trip, all the food you can eat, several different activities, and entertainment. You can easily upgrade your cruise with unlimited drink packages, spa treatments, special excursions, and premium dining.

Most cruise itineraries will dock at several different ports of call during the trip, giving passengers the opportunity to visit several destination on one trip. If you would prefer to just relax and enjoy onboard activities it is entirely possible to spend all of your time on the ship.

If you’re seeking adventures in new places, or a relaxing week away from home then a cruise is a great way to go. There are so many advantages to cruising; it might be right for you and your friends or family on your next vacation. The best part about cruises is that they offer something for everyone you’re traveling with, and there are many types of cruises to consider, in destinations around the world.

There are so many cruise companies offering a wide variety of cruise experiences. Each company will cater to different kinds of travelers. When booking your cruise it is important to understand what type of cruise you will be going on. The cruise company websites will typically give you a good idea of what to expect on your trip. The itinerary of each cruise will also give you an idea of the types of activities to expect, both on and off of the boat. Regardless of what you are looking for there is sure to be a cruise for you.

What type of cruise vacation are you looking for? Here are a few types of cruises that will be offered by various companies.

  1. All around Vacation

Typically lasting between 4-10 days, this is the most popular and widespread type of cruise. It is offered by most of the major cruise companies (Carnival, Norwegian, Princess, Royal Caribbean) This type of cruise generally will have a combination of days at sea and various ports. Typically these cruises are on larger ships with tons of onboard attractions, amenities, entertainment and dining options. Aside from the main travel itinerary this cruise allows you to do whatever you want while on the boat. All you need to do is show up and relax, pick what you want to do and have a great time.

This type of cruise is great for everyone, and will offer something for all of its passengers. If you want to stay on the ship for the duration, get off of the boat and hang out on beaches and explore the ports, or enjoy some of the excursions that the cruise line offers you can do it. Think of it as a big moving resort with changing scenery. No matter what you’re looking for you’ll probably find it here.

  1. Super Luxury Cruise

Luxury cruises are a step up from your typical large-scale vacation cruise. There are cruise lines that specialize in ultimate luxury. Some of the lines that offer this type of cruise are Regent, Oceania, Crystal, Paul Gauguin, Seabourn, and many more. Most cruise lines would equate to a 3-4 star hotel experience, a luxury cruise would be a 5 star experience. Luxury cruise lines do not overlook any details, and cater to their guest’s every need. A luxury cruise may include many options that would come at an extra cost on a typical vacation cruise such as upgraded dining, free drinks throughout the trip, and butler service. Some luxury cruises also offer the excursions complimentary as part of the package. You can also expect the accommodations on luxury cruise liners to be lavish and upscale. The ships used to operate luxury cruises are smaller than the mega cruise liners, but will still have plenty of onboard amenities and entertainment. If you desire an upscale experience then a luxury cruise may be right for you.

  1. River Cruise

River cruises are very popular in Europe, and are also found in Asia and Africa. Because rivers are much smaller and narrower than seas and oceans the boats that travel on them are also small compared to the mega cruise liners. Expect the experience on a river cruise to be very intimate. With less passengers and crew members you will probably end up meeting most everyone onboard, and may even have regular contact with the captain of the vessel. River cruises still offer most of the amenities of larger ships, but don’t expect a massive showroom or a water park. Since you will be inland for most of the journey a river cruise is a great way to see continuous scenery, and really get to enjoy the landscape around you.

  1. Adventure Cruises

When going on one of these cruises you can expect a very intimate and educational experience. These cruises are offered all over the world and may stop at destinations that few people ever get to see. Like a river cruise the boat will be smaller than a mega liner, and you will have continuous contact with other guests and crewmembers. An adventure cruise will take you exploring different landscapes or out looking for different types of wildlife. There may be daily informational lectures about what you will be seeing or doing. This type of cruise is tailored to people that want to add some excitement to their vacation and may include physical activity or extreme sports. Check with the company operating the cruise before you book. They will give you the details of the itinerary, and let you know what to expect. All of your excursions will likely be included in the price tag, along with onboard meals and entertainment if offered.

  1. Research Cruises

Like an adventure cruise, these are offered for those looking for some adventure and a learning experience while on vacation. You will be joined on your cruise by working researchers. The research may be on marine or land animals, or could be an expedition to research ancient architecture. The experience on a research cruise can be incredibly educational and rewarding. Expect to be included in daily briefings and lectures, and don’t be surprised if you are put to work on one of these cruises. Remember that it’s primarily a research trip. This type of cruise is not for those looking to party and hang out on the deck for a week.

  1. Specialty Cruises

Some cruises will be tailored to a group of people looking for a similar style of vacation. There are many types of specialty cruises offered by many different cruise lines. If you have something in mind there is probably a cruise tailored for you, and you would be joined by potentially thousands of people looking for the same type of vacation. Many different cruise lines offer specialty cruises. You can do a general search online for the type of cruise you are looking for to find out if there is one suited for you.

Types of specialty cruises include:

  • Music Cruises (several different genres)
  • Casino Cruises
  • Gay and Lesbian Cruises
  • Culinary Cruises
  • Singles Cruises
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Health and Wellness cruises

Whatever type of vacation you are looking for there is a good chance that a cruise can offer you everything you want and more. Cruising can be a great value for all types of travelers. The all-inclusive aspect of most itineraries makes traveling a breeze once you board the ship. You can find a cruise almost anywhere in the world where there is a large body of water. You just need to decide what type of cruise is best for you.

Where Do you book a Cruise?

If you want to book a cruise I recommend starting your search on Expedia. It is one of the most comprehensive travel websites. They have cruise offers from around the world in hundreds of ports of call, with lots of different cruise lines. Once you have narrowed your search down to a few selections, you should contact the cruise lines directly to see what types of deals they are offering. Often times booking directly through the cruise line will save you some money on the trip, and they may offer freebies like onboard credit, drink packages, or room upgrades. If they can’t beat the Expedia price then you can always go back and book through the website.

Looking to book a specific type of cruise? I can help you find it. Contact me and we will work together to track down the ultimate cruise for you!





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