The quantum traveler is here for all of your travel information needs. This blog offers tips for all types of travel. The best thing you can do before booking a trip is to get informed and I will share my extensive travel knowledge with you. I have been travelling throughout the US and the world for over 20 years. I attempt to maximize the value out of every experience. I will share my tips and strategies, travel triumphs and utter failures. All the way from research, to booking, getting around at your destination, planning excursions, getting tickets to events, and much more. Find the information and tools you need here.

When your travel plans are interrupted for any number of reasons it is important to know what steps to take to get you where you are going as efficiently as possible. My more than 12 years of airline experience has given me an inside view of the airline industry and operations, I will help you to avoid getting unnecessarily stuck in difficult travel positions, and to take advantage of the many perks and freebies the airline industry has to offer.

In my experience working for the airlines I have noticed one thing above all, Elite and frequent travelers are rarely disserviced by the airline industry, and when they are in a tough spot they are able to get moving quicker than most passengers. Learn to travel like an elite traveler, and make sure that you get where you’re going, on time, almost every time. Most of the tools that elite travelers use for travel are available to everyone for little or no cost. You can learn to effectively manage your travel like an elite!

Are you ready? Its time to travel like The Quantum Traveler…