Airline Check-In Cutoff Times

Airline Baggage and Check-In Cutoff

This graphic is for six popular US based airlines. Let me know if you need any information about another airline, or have specific questions beyond what is listed. I would be happy to help!


Travel With a Mobile Hotspot!

The Internet has changed travel forever. Preparing for a trip is so much easier than it used to be. You can book practically everything from your home computer or phone ahead of time, or even book as you are on the move…as long as you have Internet access.

Get your Mobile Hotspot Now!

If you’re traveling within your home country then it is usually easy and inexpensive to use your cellular network for Internet, but if you’re abroad the fees for using your phone for Internet are usually very high. Ways to avoid the phone charges are Internet cafes and going through your hotel that will often offer free Internet, but these options are not mobile. Luckily there is another way to get mobile Internet when traveling at a good price.

On my recent trip to Europe I decided to try a new way to order a TEP wireless device. The device would be activated for a set number of days that I would be travelling in the countries that I would be in. It would offer me unlimited Internet access when I was on the go during my trip, giving me the ability to adjust plans when away from the hotel, or research something on the spot.

Order Your TEP Now!

The ordering process for the TEP was easy through their website All I had to do was let them know what day I wanted it, what days I would be using it, and when I planned to return it. The device was delivered to my house in time for my departure. The small package included a return-shipping label for when I would send it back in a couple of weeks. There were also directions included on how to use the device. It was very simple to use, similar to connecting to my Wi-Fi at home. The device is also reasonably sized. About half the size of my iPhone and could easily go in my jeans pocket or a backpack.

When I arrived at my first destination in Dublin, Ireland we activated the device for the first time, and had Internet with us at all times without hassle. It’s a good feeling to have this access without having to chain myself to a specific building. The battery on the device would last all day and we charged it at night. If needed it included power adapters that would work in any country in the world.

As we traveled for more than 10 days with the TEP I found it to be incredibly useful, especially for mapping our location. So much more convenient than using a paper map. Whenever we were ready to walk to our next stop on the trip I would punch in the new address into apple maps and we would get accurate directions. I also used the device to buy tickets to a few attractions while on the move, and to look up train schedules. Everything that my phone could do at home it could do with the TEP, except call people. But who uses their phone for that these days?

Check out the great Tep device here!

The one time that we had spotty service with the TEP was while riding trains. The high-speed travel must make it difficult for it to catch a signal, but other than that there was no issue with the device during our trip through Ireland and Spain. Every night we would charge it and always had plenty of power left when we returned to the hotel for the evening.

At around $10 per day to rent a TEP I definitely recommend it! Most of the hotels we stayed at did offer free Internet access, but there were a couple that charged around $11 per day to use it. I really liked the fact that If I wanted to map something while we were out I could look it up on the move instead of looking for an Internet café, which would surely have cost us. There were also a few times when we took a wrong turn or got lost looking for a restaurant or attraction. We were able to quickly find our location and new routing with the Internet access that we had.

If you’re traveling abroad and would like to have the freedom to explore, and flexibility to change plans and know how to get there then a mobile hotspot is a must have for your next trip. It offers piece of mind, and saves a lot of guessing.


Here are a few companies who offer mobile hot spots for travel abroad:




Keepgo: (this device is prepaid and you own and recharge it)




Telecom Square:


Event Radio Rentals: (this company has several device options to rent)